24th Annual Festival
September 1–September 12, 2016
Musical Raft Trip: September 12–15

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Create New Concert Page

  • Click on Create Concert button at bottom of website page (logged in)
  • Name the Concert in "Concert Title" field, differentiate between similar title, e.g. Grotto I, II, III, as this field must be unique
  • Fill out all fields as required/desired [see notes below on selected fields]
    • Concert Program:  the input field is usually left blank
    • Venue:  Select the Venue from the list (or none).  A generic description of the venue will appear.  
    • Venue Add-Info:  Use this for additional program or venue information that is unique to this concert and does not belong in other fields
  • Check the "Provide a menu link" box
    • The Concert Title will automatically become the menu link title.  You may edit it here if desired.
    • The Parent Item should be selected as <Concerts List>
    • Image:  All images used to-date are available for selection from the Media Library ~ or ~ you may upload a new image.