Béla Fleck


Banjoist Béla Fleck is a sixteen-time GRAMMY Award winner who has taken the instrument across multiple genres. Béla has the virtuosic, jazz-to-classical ingenuity of an iconic instrumentalist and composer with bluegrass roots. His standard-setting ensemble Béla Fleck and the Flecktones and a staggeringly broad array of musical experiments, from writing concertos to exploring the banjo’s African roots to jazz duos with Chick Corea, have had many touting that he is the world’s premier banjo player.
Béla with his wife, Abigail Washburn, are known as “the king and queen of the banjo” (Paste Magazine), and have a musical partnership like no other. The two met at a square dance, began collaborating musically and eventually fell in love. Over the years, they played together most visibly in the Sparrow Quartet alongside Ben Sollee and Casey Driessen and informally at a pickin’ party here, a benefit there, or occasionally popping up in each other’s solo shows. Fans of tradition-tweaking acoustic fare eagerly anticipated that Béla and Abigail would produce a full-fledged project together as a duo. In the abstract, a banjo duo might seem like a musical concept beset by limitations. But when the banjo players are Béla Fleck & Abigail Washburn, it’s a different matter entirely. Whether at home, on stage or on record, their deep bond, on top of the way their distinct musical personalities and banjo styles interact, makes theirs a picking partnership unlike any other on the planet.  Currently Abigail and Béla are touring the world as a "trio" with their growing little boy Juno.